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Our main goal for Sticky Budz Production Facility is to provide professional and high quality marijuana strains and products to licensed recreational processors and retail shops. We strive to grow the best flowers through innovative growing techniques, constant care and by creating a healthy growing environment both indoors and out. Our underlying goal is to provide a happy and fun work environment with career growth opportunities for our employees and support our local community. We want to be an active part of the legalization movement by creating jobs for members of the local communities and providing adults with recreational products that they can afford, so that as citizens, together we can support the legal industry and help dissolve the black market.






Driffs are premium cannabis cigarettes, perfect for discretion or on the go lifestyles. This 1-gram cigarette is packed with actuals buds so no trim here! Once the buds get shredded down, we then sprinkle it with a lovely golden keif just to please the pallet! Driffs are the new face of main stream marijuana. Get your pack today!!!
All natural, Biodegradable unbleached paper and cardboard filter. 

Relax and Restore


Relax and Restore are cannabis infused lotions that contain essential oils, made to relax and/or restore your mind.  

Honeycomb Extract

This concentrate is sure to be a crowd pleaser due to its user friendly texture that you can slice like butter. In recent Research and Development batches we have seen low residual solvents and quality extracts ranking at 87% and up in THC levels.


Keif Coins


A premium cannabis product made from the trichomes shaken off the bud. The original THC concentrate, used to be an extra treat after the bag was gone, it was the reminisce of crystals in the bag, grinder or tray that would be scaped up perfect for a bowl topper or a bonus joint! Now in the pressed coin form, easy to use, less mess meaning less waste of the beautiful golden THC crsytals. Keif coins are perfect for the extra kick your looking for whether your an old friend or a first timer, keif coins will bring you to the next level! 


Use hashtag #showyourdriffs on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to show up on our site and/or in the next Dope Magazine.  Must be 21+ years of age, NO MINORS!

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